How to write letters for coupons

While you are at these companies sites, I would suggest checking out for any promotion tabs to see if they have coupons available as well! Also, check their Facebook pages sometimes they offer them there as well. Companies can change their websites and links over time. If you find a link to be broken, please let me know and I will update it. Head and Shoulders Heluva Good! Dash Mt.

Writing to companies = Free stuff and coupons! | Money Saving Mom® : Money Saving Mom®

Olive Pickles Muir Glen. Xtra Laundry Detergent. We hope you stick around and follow our website on Facebook! We love sharing all sorts of ways to help your family save money! Be sure to join our popular Facebook Groups as well. Where you can join thousands of other deal hunters! Please feel free to join my groups, and share with your friends!

I encourage you all to share any deals you may find! My groups are extremely friendly and helpful to one another. I take pride in drama free groups that run smoothly and follow the rules of couponing! I would like to suggest if the price is at all most free buy extra for the food drive to help your community. I received a coupon from nestle pure life water, for a free 24 pack of water, and smackers wrote back saying they were going to mail me coupons, along with Hi-chew.

If you Visit my website use code: Socialholicdiva checkout Thanks. Email companies…. It depends cause some people have gotten stuff from one company and try to email the same company and nothing … Like some one emailed bud light and they were sending them something.. You have to email the companies and hope they send you coupons.

Refer to the tips at the top of this post to help you!

So far i have gotten much help from any company beside blue almond Milk, apple and ave and malt o meal. Everyone else send me a email saying they only put coupons in the sunday paper or they are online. They told me it cause of the fake coupons out there. First time seeing your sight. Going to try it. I know I know it takes a lot of time to do what you do and thank you for sharing.

It also can depend on when you write. The best time is early each month. If they are getting an overwhelming response or people asking for coupons they are more than likely not going to send any. I have been going through this list emailing all the companies.

Yes some are expired or broken links. But its so worth picking through this list. These are the brands that have said or sent me coupons so far. Apple gate Apple and eve These are what I have received so far. These companies below said they are sending coupons to me by mail. Cambells Kings hawain Nestle coffee mate Johnsonsville you can go on their website every 90 days to get coupons again.. So far these are all the replies I have got back.

5 A Day – Write 5 Companies A Day and Hope For Coupons In Return

Will keep you informed on ones who r sending coupons.. Sorry about the broken links it has been taking me forever to update the page! You are most welcome for the list. Many of the links give an error code. Thank you for all you do!!! You guys are amazing! I just received 2 free product coupons from Birds Eye. It came in mail less than week after contacting them.

All depends on what they can offer to people at that time. Hi Bonnie.

How to Write To Companies For Coupons (Sample Letter Asking for Coupons)

You can try emailing the companies listed above. You may get lucky and get some free product coupons sent to you! I did click on the gerber one and it said the page was not available anymore. Tofutti sent me a couple of complimentary product coupons along with other coupons, teddy bears, pens, etc. No expiration date on the coupons.

How To Write To Manufacturer's For Coupons

There are lots of sites that bo coupons by mail a nice email can get you a long way. Calling is the best if you're complaining or requesting, whereas email or mail is better for compliments. Receive samples by complaining. Find the product you'd like for free or like a coupon for. Now, get your story straight. Maybe it's mascara, and the tube was completely dried out. Or maybe it's shampoo, and the bottle was less than half full. Call them up, or send a letter.

If you call, make sure your tone of voice is slightly upset, but calm.

State your problem, tell the company you are disappointed, and mention the competition. Companies don't want to lose a customer, so if you mention you might switch to another brand, they are a sucker for making you happy. Receiving samples by compliment. Once again, find a product. Write down two or three great things about the product itself, then write a thing or two great about the company, then another thing or two about why it's better than the competition.

Now, condense it up into a letter. How do you get a free product out of that? At the end of your letter, write something along the lines of Can you possibly send me a coupon?

What to say to Companies to get FREE Coupons

Or a product? Use excellent vocabulary and spell correctly. Receiving samples by requesting. This is the easiest way to get your samples, but sometimes, it doesn't work at all. Send out a letter or call a company asking for a sample of their product. Sometimes, you can include a story about why you need a sample.

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For a school event, or for a review blog, or anything else you can think of! Receiving a sample by researching. It's a fact-- companies are usually willing to give out samples of products.

How to Request Coupons from Companies

Check your favorite product's sites or call the company to see if they have any samples open. This method is the most effective. Now wait! Your sample won't be express-shipped to you. Some samples or products take a week, others, 6 to 8 weeks. Be patient. Companies respect your time. They will be more interested in your hand written letter than your three sentence email.

Thank the companies! After you get your sample or even request one, thank the company! Give them a call, email them, or write a letter. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.