Walmart black friday deals on iphone 5s

Please reply , whem you buy the iphone 5s can you put the walmart gift card towards buying the 5s?

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Yet you ,must buy the 5s first so how do you use the card? Its all very confusing to me im probably over thinking it but please help ,me with this. You will have to use it to get something else, maybe a cover or screen protector.

SInce they were always gone by 5pm Friday. I guess I am out of luck again. Going to Walmart at 6pm Thursday, I wish the deal was for Thursday. Hi…Use your gift card for a completely other product…. I do not think they will let you use it to buy the cell phone. I also think you can use lay away and get the black friday deals….

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Black Friday $99 online iPhone Walmart deal💥📱

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